Job Applications

Job Applications

Whether you are new to the workforce or someone with decades of experience, a combination resume can advertise your skills in a way that will make the employer want to talk with you.  The application process generally looks at 3 things:

Cover letters - This is a short one-page document that whets the reviewers interest. It doesn't repeat what will be on your resume but gives a glimpse of what is to come

Resume - Your resume is the advertisement of your skills.  In a 1 to 3 page document your will show in a succinct manner the skills that you are offering and how you can be of benefit to the employer.   It answers the employer's question "what's in it for me?" to offer you an interview.  Remember the document is for the business' benefit.  You know what you can do; they want to know what you can do for them! 

Interview - An interview is where you seal the deal.  It may be where you find a great fit, or it could be that it is not for one of you (the business or yourself).  Money, while important, isn't the only area you will be looking at.  You will be interviewing them while they are interviewing them.  

If you need help in any of these areas, I have helped hundreds of people develop the skills to find work including cover letter writing, resume preparation and interview preparation.  When you need assistance drop me an email at I will respond within 24 hours.